So I totally barfed on my Linear Algebra test yesterday and Classical Mechanics test today. The linear test I did what I do on the homework, which is to move too fast without checking for validity. I tried to slow down quite a bit on the work and double check all the answers, but still I know I did not do well. The prof posted the key this morning for it, and I know for sure I missed two of the questions: one with determinates, and the other I was a distributive property proof. Not well, considering there were only eight questions.

As for physics, there were three questions, and one of them was a direct homework problem which I struggled with on the homework. The other two I did well on. I get the feeling both of these tests will be C's or D's. I've never done this poorly on tests when I'm actually trying. I have to change something as this is not the way this semester is supposed to be going.


This is just a testing website in order to see if I can even do this. There is a good chance things wont work out, or I'll just get too bored and give up.

Long Overdue

So, it has been a good six months since I last updated this site. I figure now is as good a time as any. Spring break just started, so I get some time to relax a bit. I will get more active in this and actually start writing some stuff. I think what I would like is an easier way to update the blag posts. Right now, I'm just editing straight html. there ought to be a more effecient/less error prone way to do this.

I also updated the color scheme with something I found on the internets. I think it looks a buttload better, except the nakedness that surrounds everything. I'm all for minimalism, but it just feels like something is missing. There probably needs to be a picture or something, background noise. Just something to detract from the emptiness.

Another thing I realized, is that I am a very crappy web designer. That's probably because this is the first real project I ever tried. Or maybe it's because I am just half assing it. In any case, I'll have to do something to improve that. In fact, this update has broken the layout. Well, if I'm honest with myself, the layout was broken to begin with. This update just finally showed it.

Site Redesign

Phew, what a load of work.

So I decided to redesign everything on this site. I am still not done actually. But I have at least got it to a point where I am semi pleased. Some things I encountered along the way:

There's probably more stuff. For now though, I'm plenty tired. And I've got the whole week ahead of me.

App Engine Updates

Today I was looking at this site, as I decided to add another page, and realized it has been serving an old version since the 11th. The way app engine works, at least with the launcher, is you deploy your version to appspot. The app is either stored there if it's a new version number or updated if it's the same version number. I like to use new versions so I can roll back in case of mistakes. Unfortunately, it does not automatically make new versions the default version. So this site has been sitting for two weeks with an old version. This is not too big a deal, since I have like no visitors anyway, but still a bit frustrating. Perhaps there is some setting to automatically serve the last deployed file. I'll have to look into this more.